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It is intended to create a presentation board with a multiple images.
Lines,arrows and rectangle are displayed automatically between the key visual and the area of image to indicate where the images explains
Also, because it included some templates for your presentation board, making it possible to create just the editing

You can import images that can be saved to the album of iPad.There are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF format.

You can save 768×1024 pixel image.

How to

You can fix the area by moving a rectangle on key visual and resizing it.
It is zoomed in real time, therefore you can operate intuitively during moving and resizing.

Yes,you can change to the rectangle.
Also it is possible to change the color and transparency on or off, so you can set to match the color of the picture.

Yes. You can add a free position.
Please use it as a title or caption.


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