[Measure Memo]






January 14. 2014  We released "DimensionX" for iPhone.

December 12. 2012  We released "Measure Memo" on Amazon Appstore for Android.

November 30. 2012  We released new version 1.1.0 for iPhone/iPad/Android.

September 04. 2012  We released "Measure Memo" for iPad.

August 14. 2012  We released "Measure Memo" for iPhone and Android. (Android tablet version is not supported.)


"Measure Memo" app is able to record dimension lines and measurements on the photos you take.
Please make use for size confirmation by the building, reform, interior decoration business, an article introduction by the immovable industry, the size guidance of the product.







Change font of the dimensions level,font-style.
Specifies the unit of dimension values.(mm/cm/m/ft-in/in/ft/yd/寸/尺/間/畳/坪/sq in/sq ft/sq yd/㎡/a)
Change line type,thickness,color.(Any color designation is possible)
Save image files and work files.
Specifies the transmittance of the areas.


*You cannot measure the length by this application.


Difference in function "Measure Memo" and "DimensionX"

There are differences in some of the functions as follows.

  Measure Memo DimensionX
Projection lines
Text input
Save data and re-editing
Specify a file name ×
Save as
Image output
Output to Evernote ×
Output to Dropbox ×